Groups list

Here goes groups list that is served by


This hierarchy dedicated to GoNews NNTP server discussions. Hierarchy can be peered.

Group name Description
gonews.announce Announcements about gonews.
gonews.bugs gonews bugs discussion.
gonews.general General discussion about gonews.


This hierarchy dedicated to local users chatting. It won’t be peered.

Group name Description
local.announce Announcements about server.
local.general General discussion about server.
local.test “Test please ignore” posts and such.


This hierarchy dedicated to NNTP software and questions. Hierarchy can be peered.

Group name Description
news.admin.moderation Moderation discussion.
news.admin.peering Peering discussion.
news.groups.proposals Groups proposals discussion.
news.misc Group for miscellaneous topics about NNTP.
news.newusers.questions Group for asking questions by new users. Discussion about news readers.


Hierarchy for russian-speaking users and those who learn russian. Hierarchy can be peered.

Group name Description
ru.politics Politics discussions.
ru.talks General discussions that isn’t fit any other group.


Hierarchy dedicated to Yggdrasil. Hierarchy can be peered.

Group name Description
ygg.announce Yggdrasil-related anouncements (new releases and such).
ygg.general General discussion about yggdrasil.
ygg.peering Yggdrasil peering (not NNTP!). Here you can find Yggdrasil peers to peer with. Yggdrasil announcements in Russian. General discussions about yggdrasil in Russian. Search for Yggdrasil peers in Russian (not NNTP!). Test things in Russian.
ygg.test Test things.