Please read these rules to avoid any type of conflicts.

1. Commons

1.1. NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) - text-based protocol designed to be used over reliable connections.

1.2. Despite on beign text-based protocol it was adapted for binary exchange. Please read below about that.

2. You can

2.1. Have conversations within borders of these rules and within borders of decency.

2.2. Use all available communication channels with moderators and administrators.

2.3. Propose new rooms creation in net.groups.proposals group.

2.4. Talk in groups according to their topics.

3. You cannot (or should not)

3.1. Try to break service or it’s infrastructure.

3.2. Try to crack other users accounts.

3.3. Post NSFW content in groups beyond alt.nsfw.*

3.4. Post anything that breaks Russian Federation law.

3.5. Use service for files exchange unless allowed by administration.

3.6. Cross-post in groups violating their rules or not fitting to their topics.

3.7. Post to groups any messages that don’t fit to their topics.

4. About binaries and files exchanges

Despite on fact that such ability exist, any files exchange (except images that can be attached to post) is prohibited because this would create excessive load on servers connected to network (peered with) in cases like uploading new serie of Startrek.

X. Updating rules

Rules list will be improved in future. Administration will post new post in blog and in local.announce group. It is recommended to subscribe to RSS (link-icon in left top corner of every page right under site name) or to local.announce group.