Mozilla Thunderbird configuration

First setup

Mozilla Thunderbird (as Seamonkey) able to speak NNTP. natively

If you have no accounts configured - you can create news account from welcome screen:

Otherwise click on main menu button (“burger” thing in right upper corner), select “New message” and “Other accounts”. Select “Newsgroup account” there.

In “Identity” dialog enter your name or nickname and email address that will be shown in “From” field in sent messages.

Note: If you do not want to disclose your email you can enter something like YOURNICK@mail.invalid, but you loose ability to receive direct replies from users.

Next you should enter server’s address:

Actual server’s addresses you can always view here.

Next page is final where you should enter account name. It’ll be shown in left bar.



Thunderbird works bad with IPv6-powered NNTP servers when you’ve entered raw IPv6 address into server’s address field. To workaround that you can put mapping in hosts file like this:


and use as server address.

Account named as IPv6 address but replaced “:” with “%…” appeared

It’s because Thunderbird works bad with raw IPv6 addresses and NNTP. You should delete both accounts (what you’ve created and phantom one), add mapping in hosts file like described above and recreate newsgroup account using domain name from mapping.